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Wavetooth 2

Wavetooth 2

Product Code: SBLUT010200
World's 1st bluetooth headset with 3-meter waterproof and Anti-Wind-Noise over 40km/h.
"Wavetooth 2-Necklace" is designed for extreme conditions such as water sports, or working under heavy rains. Of course it is subitable for daily use as well.

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This item is Discontinued
Wavetooth 2 Wavetooth 2 Wavetooth 2 Wavetooth 2 Wavetooth 2
  • 3-Meter waterproof "BFU self developed" waterproof technology.
  • The 3.5mm audio jack hole, mic-hole and power charging port are waterproof even without covers.
  • 10 hours non-stop operating. (play music and talk in phones)
  • Anti-noise function let you talk in noise environment.
  • WIND-NOISE reducing function keeps you talking upto 40 km/h (~25 mph)
  • Using B.T. version 3.0.
  • A2DP-1.2 profile for playing music
  • AVRCP-1.4 profile for remote control such as changing sound tracks.
  • Multi-point function let you connect and talk with 2 phones.
  • Including "ANTI-TENSION" waterproof earphones "WildSet" in the same package.

  • Wavetooth 2-Necklace MAY NOT SUIT FOR SWIM cause water can block transmission. Or you need putting Wavetooth next to your cellphones inside water.
  • But Wavetooth SUIT FOR WATER SPORT and outdoors cause it won't be damaged by water ,sweat and dirt.

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Package Contents:
  • Power charging connector (USB)
  • Waterproof earphone
  • Neck wire
  • Wavetooth 2

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