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iPad Stand 201

iPad Stand 201

Product Code: STMIS000500
iPad Stand 201 can easily be adjusted, according to your own preference. Comfortably do whatever you want to do without worrying about the safety of your gadgets with the multi-purpose, durable and compact iPad Stand.


iPad Stand 201 iPad Stand 201 iPad Stand 201 iPad Stand 201 iPad Stand 201
  • Fits iPad Air, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Tablets & Mobile Phones
  • Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • Get a better posture with the stand
  • Angle Scope: -40 to 280°
  • Height Scope: 27 to 38cm
  • Height Adjustment: Button, Grade 6
  • Inner Width: 52cm
  • Folded Dimension: 97 x 70 x 403mm
  • Weight: 400g

Package Contents:
  • 1 x iPad Stand 201

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